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Our Site Rules

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Our Site Rules

Post by Caroline Berry on Sun Jun 21, 2015 12:38 am

There are rules for every forum. These are ours.

Forum Rules

1. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. You must respect everyone here. Admins, Mods, and other members. We are a friendly community.

2. I will allow some cursing. A list will be provided for what words are acceptable. Whatever words are not acceptable, must me starred out.

i.e: F***

Acceptable swear words:

Shit (bullshit, etc.)
Ass (jackass, etc.)
Damn (goddamn, etc.)

3. If you wish to have something added or changed on the forum, please make a suggestion in the Suggestion box. If it has not been responded to AFTER one week, you may PM a Moderator. If the Moderator doesn't respond AFTER two weeks, you may contact an Admin.

4. Please keep all private information TO YOURSELF. You may give your name and age if you wish, but nothing else.

5. DO NOT give your password to ANYONE.

6. No double accounts. You have more than enough characters, why make another account?

7. If you see someone doing something against the rules, you are OBLIGATED to report it to an Admin or a Mod.

Roleplaying Rules

1. You MUST make a character application before roleplaying.

2. You are allowed to have up to 10 characters.

3. Please keep all roleplay fights IN THE ROLEPLAY. We don't need rivalries amoung our members and staff.

4. If you wish to do roleplay anything 18+, it must be done in the private messages. We don't know how old our members or staff may be, and we do not want to subject that to them. SO please, keep the topics and messages PG-13.

5. If your character is not accepted and the Mod or Admin has given you a list of things to change, please just change them and do not make a fuss over it.

6. No God-modding or Gary/Mary-Stu's.

7. Try not to double post unless the topic hasn't been replied to for a while.


1st Offence: Warning
2nd Offence: Reminder and Warning.
3rd Offence: One day ban from chatbox.
4th Offence: One day ban from site.
5th Offence: One week ban from site.
6th Offence: Permant ban from site.
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